News from First Grade

Grade 1

Unit 5


First grade students will be:


    identifying and decoding long and short vowel words

    decoding words with common consonant digraphs sh,wh,ch,th.

    Fluently reading at least 40 high frequency words additional words include: look, hers, this. sea, yes, you, see, think, after, ball, called, I’ll, said, how, long, need, me, caused, be, more, right, she, things, we, your, good.


    recognizing base words and word ending ed

    identifying verbs in a sentence.

    reading simple compound words and homophones


    identifing setting, characters, and key details in literature.

    applying context clues to figure out unfamiliar words.

    identifing the main idea in a story.

    useing illustrations to answer questions in informational text.

    answering questions and find key details in informational text..


First grade students will be:

    Write opinion pieces with topic introduction and writing that states a clear opinion.

    Drawing illustrations to match their writing

    Making edits and changes to their writing based on peer and teacher conferencing.


First grade students will be:

    Logging in with personal user names and passwords

    Launching and closing out websites

    Accessing Brightspace to enrich learning

    Use Seesaw as a digital portfolio


First grade students will be:


    Solve addition and subtraction word problems within 20.

    Write related addition and subtraction facts.

    Understand doubles and doubles plus 1 as a strategy to increase addition and subtraction fluency.

    Decompose numbers.

    Determine an unknow by using subtraction to help add.

    Apply properties of communitive and associative property to add and subtract.