News From Preschool


The Pre-K Team thanks you so much for your contribution to your child’s education.

Throughout this school year our goals as educators are to increase the development of fine and gross motor skills and the development of our students’ social and interpersonal skills. We will focus on the development of our student’s language skills including understanding of words, sounds, letters, and concepts. It is our goal to instill a love of learning that can help us achieve perfect attendance. Our thematic units are as follows

Theme 1 – Ready for School

Theme 2 – My Family

Theme 3 – Our Community

Theme 4 – Amazing Animals

Theme 5 – Imagine It, Make It

Theme 6 – Growing Up Healthy

Theme 7 – Nature All Around Us

Theme 8 – Moving On


There will be a monthly material pick-up.

(These are tentative dates for Full Remote Learning)

December 4th

January 8th

February 5th

March 11th

April 9th

May 14th