News From Preschool

Dear Families,
During the next few weeks, children will learn all about their new school and making
new friends. We will focus on cooperation and getting along with others as the class is
introduced to the routines and expectations of school.
Here are a few special ways you can reinforce at home what children will be learning.
Establish routines that will help your child to be attentive in school, such as getting plenty
of sleep, eating a healthy breakfast, and being ready on time.
• Ask the names of your child’s teachers and classmates.
• Talk about the school schedule and sequence of activities during the
school day.
• Practice safety rules to use when going to school and returning
home every day.

Most of all, promote cooperation at home every day, which will
help your child make a smooth and positive transition to school.
Welcome to our preschool family!

Literacy Tip
The beginning of the school year is the perfect time to take your child to the public library for a library card. If your child already has one, make regular trips to the library a part of your free time.