Physical Education and Health

Hi everyone! I’m Ms. Ramos and I am the PE teacher here at Ells. I want to start off by thanking all of you for all your hard work, for remote learning to be possible it takes a team and, thank you all for being part of our team! I want to explain our PE program to everyone, I know most of you have seen my silly outfits for missions with Buzzlight year, The Incredibles, helping rescue Minions, saving nemo and friends and so much more! You all might have heard my silly high five noises or sound effects when we do different movements. The reason for both is I try to get students engaged as much as possible. With being remote my goal is to bring the PE experience as close as possible into your homes. Over the past month we have been working on movement skills different ways to move, this includes crawling, skipping, leaping, pencil roll, running, walking, galloping, sliding, jumping, and hopping. To help students learn these skills I had them go on different adventures jumping in space to help buzz and save his alien friends. Swimming in the ocean to find Nemo with some help from our friend Dory. Even a virtual field trip to Disney! All these adventures have helped develop skills of different movement patterns and at end of each lesson we do a review on what has the student learn for the day making sure we reach our overall goals each day. As we move into throwing and catching you might ask “how can we do this virtually”, well for me that the fun part it’s being creative. Its pulling out my imaginary ball and asking students to describe it by doing this I give student opportunity to tell me what they imagine, and I am always amazed when they do this by how creative and awesome, they all are! Another way for throwing and catching I have students help my friend Olaf in a snowball fight practicing and working on those throwing skills. Your students have all done amazing work in PE and as we keep going forward one thing, I have learned is anything is possible as long as are creative I want to thank all your kids for helping and teaching me that! Thank you so much everyone if you ever have any questions please feel free to email me or message on schoology thank you again!